Amaryllis, a thriving home sought after by many for its kind treatment of every creature. This nation has a place for everyone, from dwarf-carved mountains, blooming lush forests, to sandy beaches overlooking oceans home to merfolk. However, even the most peaceful nation has its dark side. There exist those who travel to Amaryllis to cause trouble, to steal its wealth, or simply to escape punishment for terrible crimes in their home country.

Such a dire situation provoked the creation of the Integrity and Righteousness Sanction (also known as the IRS), a group dedicated to the capturing of such criminals and sending them to rehabilitation facilities to pay for their actions and learn how to be a true Amaryllian.

This campaign's heroes have been hired by the IRS to arrest and capture such criminals. As they befriend their fellow agents and completely ignore their DM's very clear intentions, they might just discover ancient secrets, older than Amaryllis itself.

My very first time DMing, with my very good friends as player characters! This site will hold worldbuilding information and accounts of past sessions. Just for fun! Of course, no spoilers, because I love to surprise my players >:)


Our Heroes


Ruvas Crestbane




Past Adventures

S1: Crestbane's Tower