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welcome to my tmbg shrine/fan page! i've been a fan of tmbg pretty much since i was able to perceive sound. my parents played them a lot, especially their kid-focused albums like here comes science and no! i have the here comes science music videos burned into my brain. this page is mostly for me to be nostalgic about those.

i might expand what kind of content i put here, but for now i'll take a trip down memory lane and rate each song.

most graphics used here were found on bluef00t's site— which is amazing, if you're a tmbg fan check it out :)



oh gosh, where do i even begin with this album? my child brain was so fascinated with these songs. easily my favorite out of their kid albums. i used to get so confused about the differences between the two songs about the sun. but they were catchy so i didn't care.

  1. science is real: 10/10 best opener. i love this music video so much.
  2. meet the elements: not my favorite, but i loved yelling the part about elephants. 8/10
  3. i am a paleontologist: i wanted to be a paleontologist SO BAD when i was a child and this song is the reason. 10/10
  4. the bloodmobile:
  5. electric car:
  6. my brother the ape:
  7. what is a shooting star?:
  8. how many planets?:
  9. why does the sun shine?:
  10. why does the sun really shine?:
  11. roy g biv: i still mutter "roy g biv" when drawing out a rainbow. he's a colorful man! 9/10
  12. put it to the test: 10/10 i love this music video so much. catchy as hell.
  13. photosynthesis:
  14. cells:
  15. speed and velocity:
  16. computer assisted design:
  17. solid liquid gas:
  18. here comes science:
  19. the ballad of davey crockett: