welcome to jawasunberon, a colony on a distant rimworld. built from the ground up by three crashlanders, with a fierceness rivalling the sun itself.

note: the information on this page is a combination of in-game info and my own imagination. i also have many mods installed :P


marina bray

bio. age: 38
chron. age: 1035
gender/prns: trans woman (she/her)
sexuality: bi
role: doctor, farmer, researcher
traits: chemical interest, slow learner, tough

bray is a skiled doctor and herbalist who tends to the crops of jawasunberon with her husband, tero. she is no-nonsense and is constantly focused on the survival of the colony. she was the original cook as well, and helps jacquese by keeping careful track of food. she has a labrador retriever named vladmir who crashed with her, and they are inseparable.

tero miettiten

bio. age: 42
chron. age: 482
gender/prns: trans man (he/him)
sexuality: bi ace
role: farmer, engineer
traits: undergrounder, fast learner

tero is a quick-witted inventor who loves to learn new things. while he specializes in engineering and farming, he has a wide range of skills that he's always happy to teach.

bryan 'scoop' barnes

bio. age: 33
chron. age: 73
gender/prns: trans man (he/they)
sexuality: gay
role: doctor, miner
traits: annoying voice, brawler, sickly

scoop is an... interesting human. he is extremely kind and caring. he was the colony's hunter, rancher, rancher, and fighter before jacquese and kaleun came along to share the load. while he does love a good fight, he hates killing other humans by his own hand. if he intends to kill a raider, he will always use his gun.

jack 'jacquese' cavanaugh

bio. age: 69
chron. age: 69
gender/prns: cis man (he/him)
sexuality: pan
role: rancher, cook, gunman
traits: pyromaniac, masochist

jacquese was the first recruit to jawasunberon. he was taken prisoner after a raid and converted by scoop, realizing all of the harm he'd done. jacquese was a test subject, kept in a facility from his birth in an attempt to turn him into a super-soldier. after escaping, he was given a home by a raider faction and became their "message carrier"—most of those messages being murders. now, he lives a gentler life as the colony's rancher and cook, although he will protect the colony if needed.

bonnie davidson

bio. age: 41
chron. age: 95
gender/prns: cis woman (she/her)
sexuality: aro bisexual
role: artist, hauler
traits: deaf, slow learner, body purist


sarah 'kaleun' steiner

bio. age: 29
chron. age: 29
gender/prns: nonbinary (they/he/she)
sexuality: queer
role: construction, gunman, researcher
traits: teetotaler, beautiful

was a midworld cadet and then a warship captain. converted by scoop and now theyre married

elizabeth 'lizzie' charlton

bio. age: 48
chron. age: 48
gender/prns: cis woman (she/her)
sexuality: straight
role: hostess, fighter
traits: misandrist, jealous

rescued from a raider prison by jacquese and kaleun. was a sailor. is a misandrist dfsgdsgdsf

amelia 'engie' flais

bio. age: 17
chron. age: 64
gender/prns: trans girl (she/they)
sexuality: lesbian
role: n/a
traits: trigger-happy, night owl, tough

engie was found by jacquese, kaleun, and bray while investigating a cryptosleep structure. she was a slave to the ancients, working in a foundry and accompanying soldiers. she was nearly killed in the crossfire before bray realized she was only a child and rescued her. she's now the adopted daughter of bray and tero. she loves helping kaleun with construction work around the colony, but neither of her parents allow her to take on a job yet. engie has a lot of pent-up anger and feelings about her time before being awoken, but she hasn't opened up about it.

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