2:43pm woah i just remembered today is the 7 year anniversary of when i got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes... happy diaversary to me!

4:09pm i bought a sunlight lamp! maybe it'll help with my energy levels after sunset, bc that's when i do most of my work but when winter comes it gets super dark and i can't do much.

4:11pm i'm doin' twine crimes, baby! having fun coding out the base for a fun gay rpg :)

11:28pm downloaded later alligator on steam and oh my gosh i am so in love! i've wanted to buy it for a while and i'm so glad i did!! i'll probably make a page in the garden about it tomorrow!!


9:51pm i haven't had time to do much coding due to schoolwork and i'm sad about it :( i have so many ideas!


2:01pm four more minutes and it's a four day weekend baybee!! i have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on but hopefully i can have time to both do the work and relax.

2:02pm might fuck around and hyperfixate on the scp foundation


12:00pm i have my first day of film class today!! i'm really excited, since i love film so much, and it's also a relaxing class in comparison to my other ones ^^!

11:54pm have an idea for a very interesting project... we shall see if i can actually commit to it, though.