executive dysfunction

seed planted: february 2, 2021

last watered: n/a

plot: neurodivergence

species: reflection & tips

i'm autistic, and one of the autistic traits that "bothers" me the most is executive dysfunction. as additute magazine describes, executive dysfunction messes with tasks like "planning, problem-solving, organization, and time management." it also gives difficulty with initiating tasks, which is the part that affects me the most.

some people think that it only affects things like school, and things i don't want to do. but i just want to grab those people by the shoulders and show them the myriad of hobby-related projects i have lying around because i can't get myself to just start working on them again.

hell, i'm writing this because i don't have the executive function to do anything else. i could play a game, which would solve my boredom problem. but that requires opening up the game launcher and waiting and then actually putting in the energy to play, which is too many steps for my dysfunctional brain.

occasionally, i'm able to remember some tips that i have for dealing with this. most of there are task and time management oriented, because i'm sort of forced to find a way to deal with exective dysfunction in a school setting.

i'll likely add to this as i think of more to ramble about and come across new tips. stay tuned!