hewwo! i'm a nerdy artist from the us. currently a senior in high school, which is scary.

i grew up on coolmathgames, poptropica, moshi monsters, neopets, online forums, and the nintendo ds.

this site is for: fun, nostalgia, and creative expression. so there'll be a mix of things here!

image description: a "meet the artist" meme, with "aj knox" written at the top left. there is a drawing of a person with suspenders and pride bracelets with the nonbinary & aroace flags. arrows pointing to the person say "terrible at facial expressing," "T1D & disabled," and "super super gay." To the right is a list of text. they/them, 17, US/PH, intj. poet, nerd, autistic/nd, queer.

below the text is a box, split in two sections. the first is labelled with three hearts: accessories, cottagecore, old web, winter, stimming, tech, theatre, comics. the second is labelled with three broken hearts: bigots, social media, school, bugs, loud places, "debates" in quotes, and billionares. under "billionares" is "eat the rich" in parentheses.